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Seal of nehahra

The Seal of Nehahra is an American film made in , created by Mindcrime Productions as part of the Nehahra Project. Made using a modified version of id. Nehahra, is a large Quake mod, which was released along side a 3 hour and 55 minute companion Machinima film, The Seal of Nehahra. landscapes found deep in enemy territory and in Nehahra's second episode. Seal of Nehahra The Tides of War Nehahra expansion pack.

This is the movie explaining the backstory of the mod. It is longer than expected so we made it a separate download. For more details regarding the Nehahra story, get the Seal of Nehahra movie from here. Create a folder in your Quake directory and name it nehahra. Thank you for the repack:D. Brandy Bogard 13 March , Does this package include Seal of Nehahra. Spirit, rated this a 5 13 March , nope.

The Seal of Nehahra is a 4-Hour Quake Movie experience. using a custom quake engine to add some really cool special effects. This zip is for.