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Bartkira · Start Reading! Artist Location Map · Art Shows · donate. Picture. Start reading a . Tweets by @Bartkira · #bartkira Tweets. Picture. PRIVACY. Floating World is proud to present an exhibition book collecting 80 pages from the Bartkira project as well as a 16 page full color gallery section. This exhibition . Bartkira is a fan art project featuring crossover recreations of the Akira manga and anime film with characters from The Simpsons.

For all Bartkira fans and creators: I will be selling original Bartkira drawings at “ Japan Touch” in Lyon, France. Salon de l'Asie 2nd and 3rd December Humphrey's art style is rough and sketchy. He uses a pencil, typically an H, to mark out characters and, in the case of Bartkira, the comic book. This is Bartkira. As Kotaku first mentioned when the crowd-sourced project first launched, Bartkira is inspired by artist Ryan Humphrey's art (see.

BARTKIRA: NUCLEAR EDITION is a special hardcover edition of BARTKIRA, editing together a narrative sequence of massively destructive scenes from all 6. Bartkira the Animated Trailer is a group animation project dedicated to reimagining the trailer for Akira with Simpsons characters. The project is an official fan.