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EasyCam 2. Please, if you want participate to the dev of EasyCam, contact me at ' jbtheou in gmail dot com'. Anbreizh Thanks. (i). I just upgraded to Ubuntu and I was trying to install the easycam program for my logitech quickcam. Needless to say it failed and the output. These instructions are only applicable for a previous release of Ubuntu. If you are not using Ubuntu Hardy Heron (), these instructions will.

Well I need to install easy cam so ubuntu can detect my built in webcam but I have no idea how. Somebody gave me a link on how to do it but I. The Lenovo EasyCamera is detected in Ubuntu , 64bits but does not work. Skype, Gmail chat, etc detect the camera (under /dev/video0). I haven't found much on this issue in Ubuntu , understandably so. I have tried the option below. Followed by that is a description of my.

[ ] Linux version generic ([email protected]) (gcc version 3 (Ubuntu ubuntu7)) #1 SMP Fri Jul 11 UTC. Dear All, I purchased a Lenovo G (Model Name: ). It has Core i3 M and 4GB RAM. I have installed Ubuntu Linux on my laptop. Sceenshot ubuntu · linux void keyPressed(int key); void loadJSONKinect (); ofxJSONElement JSONKinect; ofEasyCam easyCam;. };". [jitsi-dev] Easycam works only with LD_PRELOAD on Ubuntu/Debian. Yannik Völker yannikv at venivinilvinci.com Fri Oct 4 CEST Previous message.