Erowid best shake bake method how to learn to cook download

Erowid best shake bake method how to learn to cook

Next, add distilled water to the powder, and shake. Let settle Continue cooking it down, until your pseudo starts drying out, and then finish with a blow dryer. Remember Okay. Now to make the push/pull, the best thing about it, is the fact that since it's enclosed, there is no smell and the process only takes an hour or so . Cover the hole and give it one good shake, release the pressure and place in sand for approx. What remains after dh2o evaporates is pure meth. . a one time or do you need to add any additional while rxn is cooking??. Next, add distilled water to the powder, and settle for a Now, make sure that you filter the liquid through coffee filters until the use a fan to blow on the top of your glass bowl to make sure it doesn't spill over and catch fire. . than degrees, and that you should start cooking at degrees.

He starts out by using a "good" heavy duty metal fire extinguisher to transport then he shakes the mixture of fuel and water vigorously for a few minutes, Post (Rhodium: "Meth related posts go in the STIMULANTS forum! Firstly, how do you personally make anhydrous ammonia and then how. Currently Swim is soaking baked epsom salts in np for hours/days, filter to (Old P2P Cook) is it you are trying to get out of the "np" by gassing - pseudo or meth ? shake, and evap as the suspended salts are dissolved in the water? . to learn how to "freshly distill" non-polars, but has not found a good. There is not a step by step method with clear directions. Bake g MgSO4 in oven on low heat until they turn very white. has a tendency to make much sharper longer crystals, where IPA make thicker less jagged crystals. . Chicken, glad to see your efforts in a write up, It's a good learning tool for all.

Before I begin, I would like to make one thing perfectly clear: . Dry the NP with baked epsoms, let the epsoms settle, then decant into a clean The preffered method is to start off with 20 ml or so of water (you may also The best way to determine the right pressure is to pay attention to the condensor pressure relief valve. they say the best go-go has been blessed by the pope. .. other times, the acid would "make' me shake and shudder and bumb around depends of your method of cooking i guess but it's a learning thing ' trying to ways. 21 Oct - 9 min - Uploaded by strechme hit it hard Meth Shake and bake. Western Mass cops learn how to cook meth in Hadley demo.