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Asoundlib h

You have searched for paths that end with asoundlib.h in suite stretch, all sections, and all /usr/include/dssi/alsa/asoundlib.h, libdssialsacompat-dev. Search in all architectures. You have searched for filenames that contain asoundlib.h in suite lucid, all sections, and architecture(s) amd Found 2 results. /usr/include/alsa/asoundlib.h libasound2-dev [not kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i ], liboss4-salsa-dev [kfreebsd-i, kfreebsd-amd64].

\file include/asoundlib.h. * \brief Application interface library for the ALSA driver. * \author Jaroslav Kysela. * \author Abramo Bagnara. include. Macros. asoundlib.h File Reference. Application interface library for the ALSA driver. More Go to the source code of this file. When I try to compile it I find that the compiler (gcc) can't find include file asoundlib.h. On the machine I had installed alsa-base, alsa-utils.

1, /**. 2, * \file include/asoundlib.h. 3, * \brief Application interface library for the ALSA driver. 4, * \author Jaroslav Kysela. 5, * \author Abramo . guys, i'm looking for the alsa header asoundlib.h and cant find it. since this forum seems like the best place to ask, can anybody tell me what. For example, I was trying to compile a basic sample snippet for testing ALSA, and it has an #include asoundlib.h> right in the first line. I was compiling something and came across this error "fatal error: alsa/asoundlib. h: No such file or directory #include " I looked around some.