Solid color desktop wallpaper download

Solid color desktop wallpaper

More than solid color backgrounds in various resolutions, view and download backgrounds for free. Solid Color Backgrounds Gallery, collection of solid plain colors. So here's my problem. I'm trying to change my desktop image, but as soon as I try to change it from the last image it reverts to the solid color.

Solid Color Wallpapers (44): Solid Color Images (x, SLK91), LAW Solid Color, x, by Kacy Dame, Solid Color Wallpaper for Free. Hi all. I can't seem to find how to have a straight black desktop background. The closest is a medium grey. I just want a straight black if possible. Best x solid wallpaper, full hd, hdtv, fhd, p desktop x solid, color, bright; Preview wallpaper solid, red, bright, shiny.

Can't find a background picture you like or just want a plain colour as the Click on the 'Desktop Background' icon at the bottom of the window. If you prefer solid color desktop background instead of a shiny desktop wallpaper , note that the new Personalization settings page in Windows 10 displays only. If your computer is a member of a domain, or has a Group Policy applied locally, you may not be able to change the wallpaper via the normal.